Appraisals Services

By: , Office Manager

Have you ever been curious to find out more about one or more of your works of art, an antique piece, a decorative art piece, a collectible or even a collection, we are now in a position to help you find some answers.

Identifying and accurately valuing is a time and labor intensive process that requires accuracy and painstaking attention to detail. Be confident that if we are unable to find the answers, we maintain personal relationships with leading experts both domestically and internationally. Also, you may be assured that your interests will always be handled with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

Appraisal Services Include:
•On site examination
•Meticulous research
•A thorough, qualified appraisal of your work of art, including photos and written documentation
•Adherence to only the highest industry standards
•Appraisals to serve your every need
•Brokerage Services for Selling Your Piece(s)

Done Deal Estate Sales and Appraisals can provide you with the peace of mind gained from knowing that your cherished pieces have been properly assessed to meet your needs.

Richard Brenner has 35 years of experience in the antiques business He remains currently active in the antique market by not only running his antique shop, Brenner Valdez, but by attending various antique shows through out the year across the United States.  Richard is able to provide both knowledge and familiarity with the current antique market in order to establish the current demand for said items and provide you an appropriate appraisal for your item or items.

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