S. Tampa Warehouse Estate Sales from Naples

Location: South Tampa
    Sale Begins:
    Thursday, Dec 18
    Sale Ends:
    Sunday, Dec 21
    8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

    Get Directions

    We will be collecting for the Humane Society of Tampa Bay during this week’s estate sale, so check out their wish list and lets get them a big Santa Filled bag from all of our Done Deal Customers!  A raffle will also be taking place on Saturday!
    Go Team Done Deal Customers!!!

    This week’s Estate Sale is so big we are having it in a warehouse & it will be 2 sales!!!

    Calling all new home owners, re-modelers, designers, and decorators — this sale has furniture galore, art work, miscellaneous, decorative items, some collectibles, glassware, party ware, Christmas decorations, and of course jewelry and lots more. All furniture for sale was originally custom ordered and our inventory is of a diverse nature. All was brought over from Naples, Florida and are the contents of several homes.

    Exciting News:

    Santa will be visiting our sale on Saturday, December 20th.  He will be available for a donation of your choice (benefiting the Humane Society of Tampa) to take a picture with your furry family member —- and you can join in too!  Pictures will be taken from 11AM-4PM.  You will be able to download them from our Facebook page on Monday afternoon or have it emailed to you on Tuesday.

    Please check photo list below to see what they are in need of this holiday season or visit their website @


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