Downsizing S Tampa Estate Sale

Location: S. Tampa
    Sale Begins:
    Thursday, Jun 25
    Sale Ends:
    Sunday, Jun 28
    8:00 AM - 6:00PM
    2411 S. Hespiredes, 33629
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    Their downsizing and it’s your gain! Come on out and see all the wonderful things you can purchase.

    Items include, Birdhouse collection, Blue Sky Collectibles collection, antique books, antique furniture, household goods patio items, clothing, jewelry, miscellaneous and much more.

     Terms and Conditions:

    We are a business and required to collect the 7% sales tax, unless you are tax exempt – to be tax exempt you MUST provide a current copy of your business tax receipt form at time of purchase – no exceptions.

    We accept Cash, Checks ($30 fee for returned checks), Credit Cards (3% service charge, AMEX 4%).

    Items must be taken at time of purchase or by End of sale on Sunday by 6PM. Any item left for pick up at a later date, will not be our responsibility – in the event that it is stolen or broken. To avoid any possible problems, please plan to take your purchase at that time.

    Delivery (at the purchaser’s expense) is available; please ask for delivery service contact information.


    1. Please bring bags, bubble wrap, tissue paper or boxes for carrying your fragile purchases – we do not supply these.

    2. Please bring assistance to carry large purchases. In the event you do not have help, we do offer help to carry items to your car/van/truck, but we are not responsible for any accidents that might occur; we are careful, but sometimes accidents do happen and are not responsible.

    3. *PLEASE NOTE* Items are sold “As Is” with no warranty or appraisal included, implied or stated. If you want an appraisal, you must arrange said on your own with person of choice at our location.

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